Founded in 2013 as a group of enthusiastic athletes with the ambition to race competitively in triathlon and cycling events across Europe, CRT has evolved along those aspirations and today focuses on achieving the highest positions in each relevant age group in Ironman, Ironman70.3 and other disciplines.

On top of our performance in races across the world, WE ARE A CLOSE KNIT RACING TEAM WITH STRONG engagement and DEDICATION FROM ALL OF ITS MEMBERS.

We value the quality of our interactions, rather than the size of the team.

We are London-based, but are location-agnostic as some of our members live overseas and represent CRT in international races.

CRT is formed of 2 categories: Elite and Academy, with the elite athletes demonstrating EXCEPTIONAL levels of performance & commitment.

For the first time ever, we are opening our doors to a small number of motivated athletes who want to join our team WITHOUT REFERENCE from other crt athletes. if you are interested in joining CRT for the 2018 season, keep reading or Contact us if you have any questions!



  • Join a family of like-minded, performance-oriented athletes with a strong track record; find training mates pushing you to perform better and supporting you achieve your next personal best. And get cheered up on race day too!

  • Exclusive Access to pro triathlete and CRT lead Triathlon coach Colin Norris

  • access to great discounts from our Partners and on CRT Performance Lab platform sessions

  • access to CRT facebook and whatsapp groups (banter Warning!)



  • £25 annual dONATION to cover admin costs

  • Each new 2018 athlete will receive a free CRT cycling cap

  • commitment to (i) purchasing and (ii) wearing during races the team's official racing gear (less than £100 for 1-piece suit or less than £160 for top+shorts combo. NB all prices for CRT athletes are at cost from the supplier)


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